Aswani Natya Graha
Aswani Natya Graha

Dr. Keerthi Panicker

Classical Dancer | Musician


My Gurus

Gurus Naatyaachaaryas - Shanta and V.P. Dhananjayan (The Dhananjayans) - are phenomena in the field of Bhartanaatyam. Deservedly, they have both been bestowed the prestigious Padma Bhushan for their outstanding contribution in this sphere.

The unique couple, who complement each other perfectly, combine the highest standards as performing artistes with total dedication to teaching. Steeped in classicism and yet willing to explore the new without compromising on tradition, they have illumined the national and international scene of Bharathanatyam for the past four decades.

Bharatanatyam 1983-86 Sri. Sivanandhan Nair (professor, Swathi Tirunal Sangeetha Academi, Trivandrum)
Bharatanatyam 1986-2000 Sri. S. Bhaargavan Pillai (Nrithanjali, Regd., Punalur) disciple of Guru Nanakasar-New Delhi, Guru N.V. Venkataraman-New Delhi, Guru K.G. Govinda Rajan-New Delhi)
Bharatanatyam 2001- till date The Dhananjayans (Bhaskara- Kannur, Bharatakalanjali- Chennai)
Music 1995-97 Late Sri. Natarajan Bhagavatar, Sangeetha Vidwan-Swathi Tirunal College, Trivandrum
Music 1998-2001 Sri. Kollam Gopinathan Nair (Sangeetha Vidwan-Swathi Tirunal College, Trivandrum), Dr. Pushpa (Professor Govt. Women’s College, Trivandrum), Sri. Perumbavur Ravindranath
Music 2002- 2003 Smt. Mangalam Shankar (Music Teacher in Kalakshetra)
Music 2004- till date Sri. N. Sasidharan (Lecturer, Govt. Music College, Chennai) Sri. P.P. Ramakrishnan (Retired Principal- Chembai Memorial Musical Govt. College, Palakkad, and Senior Research Fellow, Kalakshetra
Vena 1997-99 Smt. Sivadarsana disciple of Guru R. Venkataraman
Vena 2008 – till date Dr. Sridevi, guest lecturer at Madras University
Keerthi Panicker